Mission Statement

Let start at the beginning.

Do you remember being about 5 years old?


Well, you might remember this:

No matter who you are, where you grew up, or when you did it; you were most likely instructed on how to play a particular "game"....
I quote the word game as it's so much more; but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

I've been talking to people about this, and everyone has a different name for it; but the name is irrelevant.
At about 5 years old, humans tend to group children in a circle and instruct them to whisper a message to the person next to them.
That person then re-whispers the message to the next child, and so on and so forth around the circle.

When the final message is compared to the initial, it is almost certainly different!

At 5 years old this is nothing more than a fun game.

It's actually showing children how the human world really works with a concrete lesson that could be tied to almost every branch of sociological and behavior science.

You might all have different views on WHAT that lesson means to you, but you can not deny that this is introducing children to an important fact of life.

Now, let's grow up.

Moving on to adulthood.

Your 5 year old innocence is most likely shattered in one way shape or form.

You probably would not sit around in a circle whispering messages around for a laugh.

You may have found, as I did; that we can still enjoy whatever you call these core concepts.

(side note... I bought this domain not even knowing the name of the real game :) it was simply a guess....)

So, there is a fun party game for 6 or more people called pictaphone. ^^lol^^

Everyone sits around a table, needing only a pencil and paper.

You each write a sentence, keeping it private from the group.

You then pass your sentence around the circle.

The person to receive the paper with your sentence then draws out the sentence in picture form.

They then fold over the original sentence and again pass the paper with only their picture showing.

The, now third down the line, person writes a sentence of the picture.

The fourth another picture......... and so on and so forth around the table.

When the game completes the resulting threads tend to be nothing short of hilarious!

--- So might add more here later. ---

For now, I will simply state the actual mission after all this pretext:

I feel that with the powers of modern technology; I can strive to, not only recreate, but empower this base game with a website and corresponding mobile application.