Progress Report

Keep It Flowing

I've pushed out a new main page for the finished games.
I have hopes of adding some additional features to this new page, like a hover zoom type functionality.
It was at a point where I felt the new view was far superior to what was in place, so I added some cursory mobile responsiveness and pushed it through.
I will next go back through fixing bugs and responsiveness overlooked across the past few changes, I may then dive into some attempts at facebook integration.

Glitz and Glam

I've added a whole new landing/home page. If you are logged in already and didn't see it. Take the time to log out and take a look, it's pretty neat. Don't be sad if you didn't make the cut on the slider, they were chosen based on a number of factors.
The other improvement is in the area of the finished content viewing. I've taken steps to separate the submissions. The content was especially jumbled together when viewing author details. I also added a fixed position button to show/hide details.
I plan to continue to improve both items mentioned above in time. I think my next task, however, may be the finished games base page. That needs TLC... badly.

Knocking the Dust Off and Diving in Head First

As it's been a while since I reported some progress I wanted to have something good.
I created a custom function that checks to see if a user has contributed to a thread.
I have not only used this to color-code the main play page, but it has also replaced the usage of a module I was never satisfied with to restrict the user from posting more than once to a thread.
In addition I also have the main play screen sorting the content to push stuff the active user has yet to contribute to the top of the list, and the threads they have submitted to pushed to the bottom of the list.
I also felt, as user registration is now open, it was time to allow users to change their own user name.
Please take the time to modify your user name if you wish; you can also modify the email the account is tied to, this will assure you get the email notifications of completed content.
I have big things in the works for this site!
Stay tuned.

Rate Things!

I have implemented a 5 star rating system for content.

You can now rate both sentences and pictures when viewing the detailed view of finished games.

You can not rate your own content.

New Webpage Submit Improvement

With Joe's help I was able to improve the way I handle the content submission.

You can now submit a picture without risk of the submission being too "quick".

I have removed the annoying alert pop-up.