Progress Report

1/2 the intervals, 2X the fun.

I have cut the games in half, they now end after 10 additions.

This is for a number of reasons.

You will not be emailed for the games which became complete in this way.

You can find Completed Games here.

Mad Stylez Yo

I've added some CSS to the site, you may have noticed; new logo too.

I created a dual landing page for authenticated vs. anonymous users; so far it's only invite accounts playing.

Thanks to Darryl for the new logo! I love it. It inspired me to style the site.

I'm thinking with our limited current user base either a lower number for game completion, or ability of creator to specify life cycle of the thread.

Another key feature I've improved, but am still dialing in is the drawing on mobile.

Swarming with bugs, most likely

I've implemented functionality to email both the creator and contributors to a thread when it completes.

This code is most likely swarming with bugs, thus the title above. ^^^

This functionality will also not work retroactively.

Only threads/contributions created from this point forward with notify you when complete.

Please let me know about any bugs you find, so I can squash them!

You can view the commit @github