Progress Report

All good things must come to an end.

The game ends after 20 posts. (at least for now) I intend to have the user configure that on creation soon.

You will find a "finished games" area on the Try Me page.

Once a real tread hits 20 I think it's time to end "Baby Steps". <- not linking it for that reason. Probably remove the ..winner folks page also. Need to make room for bigger better things.

Thank you, to everyone who has contributed

Help seed the site please!

You can now start a game.

Log in, and find the link.

You can also see active games on the new page: Try Me

So, lets get some games running! I need data to play with!

Up for a game?

Well, the tread would continue forever and I haven't build anything for the output of the end thread; but it's now a working game format.

The creator of the content creates a sentence. The next contributor draws a picture. When it comes to the third person the original sentence is hidden. All items but the previous contribution are now hidden through code correctly.

You can't even cheat and find it in the source code! It's not just some CSS trick! (seriously though, if you can find a way cheat; please let me know thnx!)

Log in an try it out at Baby Steps.

You can view the Commit @github.

The "Baby Steps" playground gets a new toy

Thanks for helping me test! - to everyone who posted to the Baby Steps page.

Your Reward:
I deleted everything! :)

It is the playground for the site, it will be cleaned many times before rebuilding.
The playground just got an addition.
It now switches back and forth between picture and sentence.

So, you can see how the game format begins to take shape....

1 > 2.... in the case of save buttons that is

I'm happy to announce that the website interface has been streamlined as of this morning.

If you, first log in, then visit Baby Steps you will see the toolbar save button no longer exists.

You can now click the Drupal save to submit your canvas to the site.

I have some alerts in place; only to slow you down while I build some sort of delay and/or validation for the upload time.

You can view the Commit @github.